Open book

What I UseEdit

MS WordEdit

I use Microsoft Word to write my books because I can upload .doc files from MS Word directly to Smashwords. When you use Microsoft Word you have to make sure you format the page correctly or it won't upload to Smashwords correctly.


One inch Margins

Double Spaced Text

A single clear 12 point type face

No extra space between paragraphs

Indent first line of every paragraph

Title and Author's Name on Every Page

Page Numbers

Includes Copyright page on first page

Save as .doc not .docx


All words on the cover I make with Cooltext, all images are from OpenClipart and RFClipart, and they are edited together by me using Paint.

The cover has mandatory size requirement of 1600 width and a height greater than 2400.

Archetype WritingEdit

I use archetype writing's idea generators to help me come up with ideas for my science fiction stories when I am looking for inspiration.

Once you are done writing your bookEdit

Check for any formatting errors

Replace all instances of ^t with nothing.